Jealousy, Bullying, and Broken Thumbs

While texts from day-to-day life provide immediate insights into the very personal concerns of individuals living in the ancient world, literary works also give glimpses into different aspects of daily life, even if their accounts may be embellished. In the Life and Martyrdom of two saints, Panine and Panew, the story begins with the boyhood … More Jealousy, Bullying, and Broken Thumbs

Baby Exposed, Baby Snatched, Roman Egypt-Style

*GUEST POST by Katherine Blouin (see her bio here)   Babies being abandoned by or snatched from their family is, sadly, not a recent phenomenon. One papyrus from 1st-century CE Oxyrhynchus offers a glimpse into how these scenarios were legally dealt with when Egypt was ruled by the Romans. Bernard Pyne Grenfell and Arthur Surridge … More Baby Exposed, Baby Snatched, Roman Egypt-Style

Bee Stories

In honour of National Insect Week: 18–24 June 2018. ‘King of Lower and Upper Egypt’; Karnak Whether it was for consumption, offerings to the gods, or for healing wounds, honey was important in ancient Egypt and so were bees. The honey bee is one of the earliest known hieroglyphs and was a symbol of kingship … More Bee Stories