Coptic Texts

A Brief Account of Marriage

A Coptic Mother-in-Law’s Curse (guest post by Á. Mihálykó)

A Runaway Child Bride

An Abandoned Wife and Unpaid Alimony

An Angry Tax Man

Bee Stories

Blessing a Baby Against Every Illness (guest post by Á. Mihálykó)

Camel, O Camel: On Camels in Ancient Egypt

Death in the Desert

‘If God saves him from death’: Donation of a boy to a Coptic monastery

Jealousy, Bullying, and Broken Thumbs (evidence from literary sources)

“My milk being good from both breasts”

Pay after Reading

Parental Grief and Child Mortality

Potential Paternity Problem

Protecting the Tax-Payer and the Tax Man

Renting, Tenants, and Landlords in Egypt

Sickness, Treatments, and Medical Books in Late Antique Egyptian Villages

Spell to Attract a Woman

The Powers of Hell: A Deadly Curse from Medieval Egypt (guest post by K. Dosoo)

Warm Hoopoe’s Blood for the Eyes: A Coptic Remedy