Coptic Texts

Ancient Same-Sex Love Spells

A Brief Account of Marriage

A Coptic mother-in-law’s curse (guest post by Ágnes Mihálykó)

A Runaway Child Bride

An Abandoned Wife and Unpaid Alimony

An Angry Tax Man

Ancient Same-Sex Love Spells

Bee Stories

Blessing a Baby Against Every Illness (guest post by Ágnes Mihálykó)

Camel, O Camel (From Playmobil to Reality)

Death in the Desert

“If God saves him from death”: Donation of a boy to a Coptic monastery

Jealousy, Bullying, and Broken Thumbs 

“My milk being good from both breasts”

Parental Grief and Child Mortality

Pay After Reading: The Cost of Education in Late Antique Egyptian Villages

Potential Paternity Problem

Protecting the Tax-Payer, Protecting the Tax Man

Renting, Tenants, and Landlords in Egypt

Sickness, Treatments, and Medical Books in Late Antique Egyptian Villages

Spell to Attract a Woman

Struggling to Provide

The Powers of Hell: A Deadly Curse from Medieval Egypt (guest post by Korshi Dosoo)

Warm Hoopoe’s Blood for the Eyes: A Coptic Remedy

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